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Security Printers - your platform

Welcome to the Speaker Corner!

Printers, suppliers and institutional end users have been meeting at Security Printers since 1976. Over 850 will travel to Dublin from around the world to learn about the latest trends and developments in the fields of banknotes and identity documents, looking for information they can apply to their jobs.

This is a forum for industry discussion, debates and out-of-the-box thinking. Here you will find much of the information you will need to ensure both you and your audience get the most of your time at Security Printers 2018.

We look forward to working with you over the next months and to seeing you in Dublin!

Speaker timeline

As a speaker, there are a number of items Intergraf needs from you to announce your presence at Security Printers 2018 and prepare your session. Even if you are a seasoned speaker, we kindly suggest that you take a few moments to review the timeline below and that you check this page for regular updates. Thank you in advance for meeting all the deadlines!


Call for papers closes

The submission period is now closed. Thank you for your paper proposal!


Acceptance status

Intergraf's Committee of Experts reviews all proposals and endeavours to include all outstanding papers in the conference programme. Unfortunately, they are unable to find space for all.

An email informing you of their decision will be sent to your address by 16 June 2017.

before 05/07/2017

Conference programme

Documents to be sent to Intergraf for inclusion in the conference materials

Biography __ A description of your professional background and qualifications. We recommend that you focus on experience and expertise that relate to the topic of your session
Length __ 800 characters max.
File name __ LastNameFirstName-Biography, e.g. SmithJohn-Biography.doc
Publication __ Onsite document, www.securityprinters.org, mobile app, online proceedings (restricted access)

Recent photograph
Format __ at least 240x300 px in size and 300 dpi in resolution (.jpg or .png).
Publication __ Invitation brochure, onsite document, www.securityprinters.org, mobile app, online proceedings (restricted access)

2-line description of your presentation
Publication __ Invitation brochure, www.securityprinters.org

Intergraf reserves the right to format and edit these documents for stylistic consistency

Speaker Consent Form
Download __ Speaker Consent Form   


Speaker guidelines

Intergraf will send guidelines to help you plan and deliver your presentation, and to ensure that your session runs smoothly.

We encourage you to review these carefuly as your prepare for Security Printers 2018.



Intergraf will automatically register you free of charge to the event in which you speak, i.e. Banknotes High Meeting, the Identity High Meeting, or Security Printers 2018, International Conference & Exhibition.

However, if you wish to attend another event in which you do not speak, registration fees will apply.

Please contact us so that we can process that additional registration on your behalf.

before 15/12/2017


Documents to be sent to Intergraf for inclusion in the conference materials

Abstract __ A summary of your presentation detailing the main arguments and conclusions, excluding tables and references
Length __ 2300 characters max.
File name __ LastNameFirstName-Abstract, e.g. SmithJohn-Abstract.doc
Publication __ Onsite document, www.securityprinters.org, mobile app, online proceedings (restricted access)

Length __ 30 slides max. (presentations should not exceed the allocated time, i.e. 20, 25 or 30 minutes including 5-minute question time)
Format __ widescreen (16:9 ratio)
Download __ CCD PowerPoint Presentation Specifications   
File name __ LastNameFirstName-Presentation, e.g. SmithJohn-Presentation.ppt
Publication __ Online proceedings (restricted access)

Audiovisual Requirement Form
Download __ Audiovisual Requirements Form   


Security Printers 2018

Upon arrival, please proceed to the registration area located in the entrance hall. Your speaker badge and conference bag will be ready for collection from the dedicated speakers' desk.

Intergraf staff will then direct you to the Speaker room, located on Level 1, where an audiovisual technician will check your slides with you to ensure they run smoothly and help with any question you may have ahead of your session.

Thank you and see you in Dublin!


Still have questions after reading this? Let us know!

Please contact Simona Barbulescu at sbarbulescu@intergraf.eu or call +32 2 230 86 46

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