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Exhibition sales are open. Booths are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t miss out: book now!

Any question? Please contact Cristina Munteanu at cmunteanu@intergraf.eu or call +32 2 230 86 46


Options and pricing

Booth size

Price (excludes VAT)
(valid for both option 1 & option 2)
8 sqm 8.500€
9 sqm 9.500€
12 sqm 12.000€

Option 1: Space only
Bring your own designed booth

Option 2: Full-service booth
Your turnkey concept for an optimised budget and set-up:
-Standard shell scheme construction (white back and side walls)
-Company name on fascia board
-Furniture package (1 high table, 3 bar stools, 1 counter, 3 spotlights, standard electricity connection, carpet)

What's included?

valid for both option 1 & option 2

Complimentary registrations exclusively for exhibitors
2 event passes per booth, giving full access to:
- the exhibition
- conference sessions
- lunch and coffee breaks
- evening networking events

Online and printed brand visibility through:
- newsletters
- invitation brochure
- online exhibitor list
- onsite documents
- mobile app

Possibility of renting a hospitality suite at the venue

Possibility of purchasing additional marketing services


How to maximise your participation

Deliver a product presentation at the News & Demo stage

Advertise your solutions in the conference brochures

Rent a private hospitality suite to maximise your business opportunities

Get premium onsite visibility: mobile charging stations, mobile application, photo booth – or reach out to us for custom concepts!


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