Advanced Track & Trace
Booth no. 51

Advanced Track & Trace develops technologies allowing for the authentication and protection of a document's signature and key data: textual information, biometrics, photograph…

Supplier of public authorities, institutions and printing-houses, ATT offers turnkey solutions for all types of documents, both physical and digital: ID and payment cards, tax stamps and discs, visas, passports, badges, breeder document, ticketing...

ATT is active worldwide through five sites in Europe and Asia.
99 avenue de la Châtaigneraie
92500 Rueil Malmaison

Booth no. 59

Agfa’s security solutions are your partner to protect the most sensitive areas of your security printing business.

Our Fortuna software is a proven digital design and assembly system for high security printers and designers with numerous security design modules.

Agfa’s security solutions are your partner to protect the most sensitive areas of your security printing business.

Arziro Design is a powerful security design solution running as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator Mac and PC for the general security market. It can be used to protect all kinds of documents against the growing threat of counterfeiting, including breeder documents, tax & post stamps, cheques, certificates, diplomas, tickets & coupons…

Arziro Authenticate is a new powerful hybrid authentication and pedigree solution. This revolutionary solution uses a a copy-proof secure graphic in combination with a QR code and can be used with a mobile phone.

Agfa further develops, manufactures and markets products and solutions for a variety of security card applications. Agfa’s PETix portfolio includes printable and laser engraving PETF overlay films for the ID-card industry offering 10+ years durability.

ABSOLUT-ID is Agfa’s roll-2-card solution with unique personalisation technology and modular security features.

Agfa also offers prepress and imposition solutions targeted for the high and general security printing business. These solutions work hand in hand with Fortuna and Arziro, but can also process security designs from other solutions.

Agfa is also a leading supplier of pre-media solutions for commercial, newspaper and packaging printing, and of inkjet printing systems for both sign and display and industrial printing.
Septestraat 27
2640 Mortsel

Contact person: Luc Bruyneel

Andrews & Wykeham
Booth no. 75

Andrews & Wykeham is a British security components and solutions provider. We implement cutting edge technologies to create holographic and printed security laminates and other components for ID cards, driving licenses and passports; we also supply turnkey systems for ID card personalisation and issuance.
Lutyens Building
RG24 8LJ Basingstoke
United Kingdom

Contact: Jamie Willis

Angstrom Technologies, Inc.
Booth no. 92

Angstrom Technologies, Incorporated is an integrated and leading solutions provider for security, fraud deterrence and brand protection as well as process control and track and trace for manufacturing.

Utilising Angstrom's own organic fluorescent pigments, dyes and additives, we can provide covert (invisible) inks, varnishes and coatings that are among the most stable and lightfast available today.

Our quality luminescent chemicals can be integrated with our electronic detection systems which have the unique ability to accurately measure fluorescent intensity as well as discern between chemicals by luminescent properties.

Since 1983 many government organisations, prominent companies and financial institutions have relied on Angstrom to provide solutions for their most critical security and process control applications.

Our staff of Ph.D. chemists and photo-luminescent specialists is willing to evaluate your organisation's individual needs and provide the best integrated solution available.
7880 Foundation Drive
41042 Florence
United States of America

Contact: Jordin Kinser

Booth no. 80

Arjowiggins Security Documents, the trusted partner for customised security documents.

Our mission: help our customers fight against counterfeiters and forgers.

Making the most of our historical paper manufacturing knowledge as well as the latest innovations, we will develop bespoke solutions such as:

foudriner- and mould-made watermarks
threads and fibers
inkjet and laser treatments
POWERCOAT®, a revolutionary and multi-awarded paper substrate for printed electronics

From secure thermal ticketing material, to security labels and CB-CF coated materials, Arjowiggins Security Documents works hand in hand with its customers to create the most secure documents in a highly confidential environment.
32 avenue Pierre Grenier 
92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Contact: Anne Dumont

ART-Line Projekt GmbH
Booth no. 61

ART-Line is your reliable partner, working since 1992 in the field of security printing.

We are proud to introduce our new ABIS Midi Passport Line 25/50!

A solution designed for the flexible production of state of the art E-Passport booklets with an annual capacity of up to one million products. See details, samples and information material at our booth.

Do you need a tailor-made solution for the production of E-Passports, national ID-Cards, driver licences, tax stamps, banknotes or any other security document? Don't hesitate to ask us.
Curt-Frenzel-Str. 10A
86167 Augsburg

Contact: Michael Keie