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Favini is an Italian company with a long history in paper manufacturing: it has a significant market share in industrial release and specialty fine paper, as well as an increasingly important role in security paper.

Secure Suite is the modular range developed by Favini which includes security features that can be integrated into paper either individually or in combination for even greater protection for various documents – cheques, certificates, passports, visas, lottery, tickets.

Find more on Favini Secure Suite: www.favini.com/gs/en/security-papers

Via Alcide de Gasperi 26
36028 Rossano Veneto

Contact: Elena Simioni

Booth no. 32

FNMT-RCM is a Spanish public corporation that works mainly for administration but that is open to collaboration with private entities to make products with security requirements and a need for strict monitoring of production.

All of its activities are based on integrated security, applied to the corporation’s production processes, to their products, to the processing of information and to its facilities.

Among our products we can highlight: circulating and collector coins, banknotes, postage stamps and official stamped paper products, bingo cards, lottery tickets, security labels, smart cards, e-passports, national ID card, identification projects, electronic certification and consultancy.

In its factory in Burgos, FNMT-RCM manufactures papers of the maximum quality capable of satisfying our clients both countrywide and worldwide. The quality of its paper is upheld by years of experience in producing paper for the traditional products of FNMT-RCM such as banknotes or passports.

In short, tradition and secure technology at the service of the most demanding customers.

Jorge Juan, 106
28009 Madrid

Contact: Julia Agenjo