PARVIS systems and services s.p.a.

Booths no. 76-77

PARVIS offers a number of systems and services, in particular: ABACO, NUMERO and PROXIMA.

ABACO is a Manufacturing Execution System that controls the operation of equipment in a banknote printing plant; NUMERO is used for typographic numbering control; and the family of systems PROXIMA provides offline accurate control of offset print, intaglio print and substrate features. Together, these systems offer: banknote track & trace, sheet counting and barcoding, materials traceability, printing quality control and operations management.

ABACO MES fills the gap between shop floor and company ERP allowing direct and bidirectional transfer of data. This is the key to process optimisation, from orders to finished banknotes, always keeping people and processes well synchronised.
Via C. Prudenzio 16
20138 Milano

Booth no. 15

Pasaban is your partner as designer and manufacturer of the highest technology machines to apply security features in banknotes and other security documents.

Our goal is to provide you with a customised machine focused on high production and precision.

Product range includes: sheeters, winders, foil stamping, laser punching, etc.
Auzo-Txikia 17
20400 Tolosa

Contact: Julian Echevarria

Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG
Booth no. 31

Since its founding in 1948, Paul LEIBINGER’s philosophy has been to focus on high-quality, valuable and innovative products, and to offer top precision and collaboration with its customers that is worthy of a close partnership.

The name LEIBINGER has represented well-engineered and dependable technologies 'made in Germany' for decades:

fully electronic numbering systems
absolutely incorruptible camera systems
most versatile inkjet marking systems

Paul LEIBINGER is manufacturer of innovative and trend-setting numbering machines: mechanical, electronically monitored and motor driven numbering systems. The LENservo electronically controlled, servomotor-driven random numbering system is ideal for banknote and security printing. It combines the attributes of mechanical LEIBINGER numbering machines – such as sturdiness, reliability and precision – with maximum flexibility and production efficiency.

Also available: LENservoP for passport documents with 12 motorised letter/number wheels instead of 7.
Daimlerstraße 14
78532 Tuttlingen

Contact: Dietmar Waizenegger

Booth no. 48

PETREL, a French company, is one of the main producers of security inks, with a permanent contact with our customers, with a constant objective to develop new inks for new protection against falsifications and imitations, with inks formulated for offset, silk-screen, flexography and gravure printing processes.

PETREL also manufactures security fibres used by the producers of security papers and security stitching threads used for the sewing of passports and other security booklets.
21 rue des Cerisiers
91090 Lisses

Contact: Michel Jalon

PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)
Booth no. 73

Polish Security Printing Works has been implementing projects of strategic importance for state's and citizen security, offers security products of the highest global quality to domestic and foreign customers. The products include, among others, banknotes, documents, excise tax stamps and post stamps, bank cards, as well as IT solutions including a digital tachograph system. The company provides comprehensive solutions to customers.

PWPW has at its disposal a modern machinery park: paper mill, design studio, printing house, document personalisation centre, electronic certification centre, research and development unit and professional IT solution departments. The company executes contracts for Polish and foreign enterprises, governmental institutions and banks. PWPW products are present in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.
ul. Sanguszki 1
00-222 Warsaw

Contact: Monika Pietkiewicz