Regula Baltija Ltd.
Booth no. 65

Regula is the world leader in supplying solutions for border and immigration control, as well as secure document examination, including:

ePassport readers with automatic authenticity verification software
Specialised hardware and software for detailed examination of security features and processing of obtained images
Document reference systems with detailed description of passports, ID cards, other document

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97A Pumpura str.
LV-5404 Daugavpils

Contact: Maris Kaminskis

ruhlamat GmbH
Booth no. 52

ruhlamat is a leading provider of innovative machine systems for the production and personalisation of chip modules, ID cards, smart cards, RFID inlays and e-passports.

We develop and manufacture long-lasting and efficient machines at very competitive prices. Our state-of-the-art solutions achieve the highest quality standards and combine flexibility, productivity, and security.

As an independent, family-owned company we think and act long-term. Extensive research and development, plus 25 years of experience in the ID business, enabling us to consistently bring new innovations to the market.
Sonnenacker 2
99819 Marksuhl

Contact: Olaf Grüneklee