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Located in France, VICAT-PAPETERIES DE VIZILLE (Vizille paper mill) belong the VICAT Group.

Based on our long experience, our security papers meet the continous evolving requirements for authentication, verification and anti-counterfeiting, required for many secure documents: tax stamps, certificates, passports,certificates, vouchers,visas, tickets, cheques...

We provide customised solutions based on our technical expertise to meet every security concern. Our production site benefits from constant technological enhancements, ensuring the perfect control of the manufacturing process.
1176 avenue Aristide Briand 
38220 Vizille

Contact: Pascal Tomasino

Booth no. 39

Vacuumatic have been supplying counting machines to the security market for over 65 years.

Our machines are used in central banks, note printing houses, and security card and document manufacturing. We can supply machines for counting plastic cards, paper and substrate bank notes and tax stamps.

Vacuumatic is providing solutions and service to the high security printing industry to enhance efficiency and reliability.
Emmericher Str. 31
46485 Wesel

Contact: Sandra Emde