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global event

One independently funded, non-profit platform for the rapidly changing security printing industry

Designed to connect solution providers with institutional end users

The perfect setting to strengthen existing contacts around the world, establish new ones, and achieve productive partnerships to shape what is next for your business

banknotes + identity

Parallel banknote + identity sessions for focus, depth of content and better learning outcomes

Engaging experts from all walks of the banknote and identity industry grappling with today’s and tomorrow’s biggest questions in security printing

No commercial, sponsored talks: pragmatic, real-world insights delivered by speakers chosen for their expertise, not their companies

Join the discussion! You can’t help but learn something new


It’s not just the talks and latest technologies, it’s the people

Security Printers is where security printing joins up

Selected attendees from governments, central banks, law enforcement, security printers and suppliers, and postal authorities

Get everyone connected and the networking possibilities are endless.

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