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Banknote Corporation of America (BCA) is the new division of CCL Secure and the largest US-based high security printer providing turnkey solutions to local and global governments and commercial customers. From secured document origination, identification, tax stamps, secured labels to personalisation and distribution, BCA collaborates closely with government, clients and technology providers to create an innovative secure product that will fight against fraud and counterfeiting. BCA has exclusive access to a portfolio of solutions that can be integrated into any secure document or product.

CCL Secure (formerly Innovia Security) is the supplier of Guardian™, the world's most advanced banknote substrate which has been issued on more than 50 billion banknotes. The company is a trusted partner to central banks worldwide who use Guardian™ polymer substrate to transform their currency’s performance via dramatically lower counterfeits, greater durability leading to significant cost savings, a cleaner note handling experience for the public, and 100% recycling of used banknotes.

The growing popularity of Guardian™ polymer banknote technology worldwide has also captured the imagination of the public alike. Any online video search quickly demonstrates a wide range of ways in which people enjoy engaging with Guardian™ polymer banknotes.

CCL Secure has a commitment to excellence, and this was acknowledged in 2017 when it was awarded ‘Consultancy and Advisory Services Provider of the Year (Bespoke)’ by the leading industry publication Central Banking Journal (CBJ). Also in 2017, CCL Secure was awarded ‘Most Innovative Banknote Technology Global 2017’ by the respected financial and economic journal based in the United Kingdom,

CCL Secure is a division of CCL Industries which employs more than 20,000 people worldwide and operates from over 150 production facilities across 35 countries on six continents.

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