IN-CORE Systèmes
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IN-CORE Systèmes is a Front-line player in banknotes and passport production. Involved in ultra-security paper inspection since 2003, IN-CORE is undisputed leader in:

Quality Control proven inspection solutions

at paper making level on
Paper Machines dry & wet end,
Foil stamping & Iridescent printing machine,
Cross cutting,
Sheet to sheet transportation machine,

for new products such as
Polymer banknotes on gravure printing machine,
Hybrid banknotes paper on dedicated machine,

for holographic foil control on manufacturing processes

and recently at printing works with innovative concept dedicated to automate the finished banknotes batches validation on large amount on good banknotes withdrawn by sampling.

Traceability compliant with ECB request to localise and trace in real time all produced sheets. Solution highly adaptable and scalable to be compliant with plant organisation.
10 rue Ampère
69680 Chassieu

Contact: Michel Popovic