BW Papersystems (Kugler-Womako)
Booth no. 81

BW Papersystems combines extremely strong brands, innovative technologies and long standing experience for the sheeting & packaging, stationery, book binding, security documents, and corrugating & finishing industries.

We operate under brand names: BW Bielomatik, Curioni, JAG SYNCHRO, Kugler-Womako, MarquipWardUnited, SHM, VortX, WillPemcoBielomatik and Wrapmatic.

With about 70-80% market share in security documents industry, BW Papersystems's brand Kugler Womako is the world leader for passport finishing machinery. The four independent machines for the complete finishing process can easily be configured for all known types of passports.

Since the introduction of e-passports with RFID chips for biometrical data, we have designed and successfully installed corresponding machine modules in existing and new machinery and have since gained extensive experience.
Schlosserstrasse 15
72622 Nürtingen

Contact: Claus R. Fischer