OVD Kinegram
Booths no. 26-27

OVD Kinegram is a leader in the field of security solutions for government issued ID documents and banknotes. The company has been the innovator in this industry for over 30 years and is the founder of the KINEGRAM security products.

OVD Kinegram, as a KURZ company, is the technological center of excellence of the KURZ Group in the field of high security applications. In addition to the optical features, OVD Kinegram also provides attractive solutions for the RFID components in electronic passports and other biometric ID documents.

This continuous development is at the core of OVD Kinegram’s success and focus on the unique integration of digital and physical security technologies. Today, more than 110 countries trust the KINEGRAM security solutions.

Zaehlerweg 12
6301 Zug