Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG
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Since its founding in 1948, Paul LEIBINGER’s philosophy has been to focus on high-quality, valuable and innovative products, and to offer top precision and collaboration with its customers that is worthy of a close partnership.

The name LEIBINGER has represented well-engineered and dependable technologies 'made in Germany' for decades:

fully electronic numbering systems
absolutely incorruptible camera systems
most versatile inkjet marking systems

Paul LEIBINGER is manufacturer of innovative and trend-setting numbering machines: mechanical, electronically monitored and motor driven numbering systems. The LENservo electronically controlled, servomotor-driven random numbering system is ideal for banknote and security printing. It combines the attributes of mechanical LEIBINGER numbering machines – such as sturdiness, reliability and precision – with maximum flexibility and production efficiency.

Also available: LENservoP for passport documents with 12 motorised letter/number wheels instead of 7.
Daimlerstraße 14
78532 Tuttlingen

Contact: Dietmar Waizenegger