Intergraf's Committee of Experts
Claudia Schwendimann

CEO OeSD International

Österreichische Staatsdruckerei __ Austria

Claudia has been working in the security document business for 15 years and is the CEO of OeSD International, a daughter company of the Austrian State Printing House. She advises governments of different countries on how to accommodate the special needs in e-passport and eID projects based on ICAO recommendations and modern production technologies.

Claudia is the Austrian ISO representative for MRTDs to ICAO and is contributing in various official roles to the eMRTD development (member of ICAO’s Technical Advisory Group, member of ICAO’s Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group, and chairperson of the Expert Advisory Committee of FastPass Project for Automated Border Management).

She studied Sinology in Vienna and Beijing and received her Executive Master’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, Hayward. She recently graduated as Master of Law and Economics at Imadec University, Vienna.