Balacron International b.v
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Balacron International b.v., located in The Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer of cover materials for the security and other graphical market.

Balacron International’s products are commonly used on the world’s leading passport production machines for passports and E-passports.

The base materials used for productions of covers are textile and reinforced latex-saturated paper.

The coatings applied are waterbased Acrylic.

For E-passports covers, BN International can apply a special backside coating enabling the use of PU-hotmelt for extra strong adhesion.

BN-International can produce basically every colour and treat the surface with the most common embossing patterns used for security covers. Also multi-color invisible UV text can be applied as well as other security features.

The minimum production quantity for Acrylic solutions is 500 m2.

BN-International is able to produce both in sheets and rolls.

Due to BN International’s intensive quality control we are able to meet with the highly demanding requirements of the leading passport producers and chip inlay manufacturers and the requirements of ICAO.

BN’s practical and flexible attitude has resulted in a stable and continuous growth. More and more passport producers use BN International covers today.
Rokerijweg 5
1271 AH Huizen
The Netherlands
Contact person: Karel Borst