De La Rue
Booth no. 4

Enabling a world of opportunities, one promise at a time.

De La Rue provides governments and commercial organisations with the products and services that enable countries to trade, companies to sell, economies to grow and people to move securely around an ever-more connected world.

Working with governments, central banks and commercial organisations around the globe, We do this in the form of banknotes, passports and secure product identifiers.

With a 200 year heritage, De La Rue works to the highest ethical standards and stands firm in its fight against counterfeit and fraud. This, alongside an unrivalled commitment to innovation and sustainability, ensures De La Rue remains at the forefront of new developments in the delivery of security and integrity to the cash supply chain, producing banknotes; in the management of citizen identities and secure identity documents and for the provision of product authentication solutions protecting brands and fighting counterfeiting.

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