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GTS was founded in 1990. Just from the beginning out of smallest circumstances, GTS starts developing and manufacturing the first banknotes counting machines. The disc counting technology has been established from the beginning. Constantly pursuing perfection and innovation GTS has elevated the quality of counting machines to a new high. Today it is even possible to count on the corners and on the side of the reams, reaching unbeaten speed and counting accuracy.

Contemporaneous GTS set up his own printing house, becoming a major worldwide supplier for high-quality banknote banderoles.

At his headquarter located in Heilbronn/Germany GTS owns today over 4500 sqm of production plant. Together with 40 high qualified employees GTS is producing his whole product range 'Made in Germany' using only 20% of third parts.

GTS supplies today the global High Security Printing & Paper industry with:

High speed and accuracy counting machines in inline, standalone, desktop or OEM configuration
Finishing lines
Banderoles for banknotes, three colors flexo-printing with hotmelt or water-based glue, on sheets and rolls for 100 and 1000 notes bundles

GTS considers customers as long-term partners rather than simply clients. For more than 25 years our customers are enjoying the benefits of GTS as a supplier:

High-level engineering
High-precise manufacturing
High-durable machines
High-quality components
Böllinger Str. 61
74078 Heilbronn

Contact: Jens Storch