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Options and pricing

Booth size Price (valid for both option 1 & option 2)
8 sqm 8.500€
9 sqm 9.500€
12 sqm 12.000€

Option 1: Full-service booth
Your turnkey concept for an optimised budget and set-up:

- standard shell scheme construction (white back and side walls)
- company name on fascia board
- furniture package (1 high table, 3 bar stools, 1 counter, 3 spotlights, standard electricity connection, carpet)

Option 2: Booth space + accompanying services
Bring your own designed booth

What's included?

Accompanying services for both option 1 & option 2:

2 complimentary registrations per booth, giving full access to:

- the exhibition
- conference sessions
- walking lunch and coffee breaks
- evening networking events

Online and printed brand visibility through:

- newsletters
- invitation brochure
- online exhibitor list
- onsite documents
- mobile app

Terms & Conditions

Boost your presence

Various additional options are available to help you make sure your booth grabs a lot of attention.

Why not extend your investment by purchasing extra marketing services that will make your products and services clearly stand out?

Possibilities include but are not limited to:

renting a private hospitality suite at the venue to maximise your business opportunities.

delivering a product presentation on the News & Demo stage

advertising your solutions in the conference brochures

increasing your onsite visibility via the mobile charging stations or mobile app

Or just get in touch for custom concepts!

Cristina Munteanu, Exhibition Coordinator
+32 2 230 86 46

Markus Angerer
Fabiola Bellersheim
Tony Dean
Troy Eberhardt
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